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"Due to PLN's willingness to use more gas as a source of energy for production, PGN is ready to provide more competitive PLN prices," Rachmat said Thursday.

He added that, to date, PGN and PLN did not have any material liabilities for the aforementioned gas sale and purchase transaction.

In accordance with the agreement, PGN and PLN will streamline the implementation of existing cooperation, which includes increased gas volumes, the implementation of more competitive and affordable gas prices and contract periods.

"On the other hand, PGN 2019 has revised the gas sales contracts with PLN under new conditions, including a review of gas prices to be implemented in the middle of the year as part of the implementation of the agreement. Ministerial Decision ESDM No. 58 of 2017 on Gas "in the downstream oil and gas sector," said Rachmat.

Build an LNG infrastructure

In addition, PLN and PGN are discussing cooperation in the development of LNG infrastructure to support the gas supply of existing PLN plants and to build new facilities in several locations.
In addition, Rachmat stated that it was a purely positive move for PGN, which wanted to offer optimal rates for PLN services to the public.

PT National gas Company (PGN) and PT State Electricity Company (Persero)

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Although it sometimes affects comfort and is even embarrassing when heard by others, the regurgitation is, according to Dr. Tsang was not a serious illness, except for burping, which is accompanied by other symptoms.
What are the causes of regurgitation?
1. Overeat
Delicious food can affect digestion, which means that mothers can eat more than the digestive capacity of mothers.
Normal adults can comfortably consume 1 to 1.5 liters of food and liquids in food.
When mothers eat more, the mother's stomach expands to absorb it. For most people, the maximum capacity is 3 or 4 liters. It's about a gallon of food!
"If you eat more, you increase the pressure in your stomach," said Dr. Tsang. "The gas in your stomach has no place to leak, so it gets into your esophagus and then comes out of your mouth."
2. Eat some vegetables
Even healthy foods produce gas during digestion. Sugar, flour and fibrous foods can make many mothers regurgitate.
Eu sick mothers smell very bad when mothers eat sulfur-containing compounds such as shallots and broccoli. Including eggs, meat, fish and garlic.
3. Eat too fast
When you eat, mothers swallow air. But if you eat too fast or eat and speak at the same time, you can swallow more air than usual.
It makes mothers burp a lot, says doctor and author of Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally, Michelle Honda, Ph.D.
4. Drink soda
If mothers are used to carbonated drinks or bubbles like beer, mothers can belch.
5. Breathe in the air
When mothers eat slowly, mothers can swallow a lot of air. The medical term for flatulence and belching is aerophagy.
There are many things that can cause it, such as sucking on candy, chewing gum, smoking, or even hyperventilation due to anxiety.
People with sleep apnea who use CPAP can also have aerophagia as a side effect.
According to Honda, the bad smell that comes out of the mouth when belching is not dangerous. Nevertheless, excessive regurgitation can indicate digestive problems.
For example, people with lactose intolerance have problems digesting lactose, a type of milk sugar and other milk products. Undigested lactose gets directly into the colon in these people, where bacteria can escape and produce gases that cause burping, farting, and bloating.
6. Colon irritation
If mothers with other symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation or diarrhea (or both) belch, mothers may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
This chronic disorder affects more women than men. Generally due to more frequent mothers holding back gas or fart.
Repeated regurgitation is also a common symptom in a study published online in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility. Talk to Doctor Moms if mothers have persistent symptoms.

7. Acid reflux disorders (GERD)
When belching associated with nausea, reflux or GERD may occur in mothers. Reflux occurs when the contents of the stomach get back into the esophagus.
Other common symptoms include painful swallowing, pain in the upper abdomen or chest, hoarseness and a feeling of blockage in the throat.
Habits like drinking too much coffee daily can make reflux and belch worse. According to Honda, this happens because the acidity of coffee irritates the muscle ring, which should tighten to prevent gastric fluid from getting into the esophagus.
If you notice this, you can try limiting caffeine, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, and eating a few smaller meals than a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner to see if your symptoms improve.
8. Symptoms of gastritis
The regurgitation can also be a symptom of a type of stomach problem called gastritis - inflammation of the stomach lining - especially if mothers also experience upper stomach pain, nausea or vomiting, indigestion or loss of appetite.
Many things can irritate the stomach lining of mothers, including infections, too much alcohol, spicy eating, smoking and long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers.

Until the last decades, transport depended only on coal and gas. This sector is still catching up. EIA.gov uses only 0.2% of the electricity sold at retail. The electric train is the most popular form of power transmission, but there are now electric bikes, buses, rickshaws, cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters and airplanes. Electric boats have been around since the 1880s, but they are no longer fashionable when the outgoing gasoline motorcycles appeared in the 1920s. Do not forget hybrid electric vehicles that use gas and electricity for a balance between performance and cleanliness. In the transport sector, electricity also provides a plethora of street lights that enhance road safety and air traffic control and improve flight safety.

5. entertainment

Boredom was a rule and no exception. A century ago, most people relied on novels, newspapers, anecdotes, and plays or occasional operas for entertainment. Then electricity quickly led to the film industry, radio shows, television, arcade games, and personal computers. Now we have more entertainment than we know what to do: home video game consoles, the internet, social media, streaming services and hundreds of TV channels.

Even the oldest forms of entertainment have come back with new clothes. Radio shows have returned as podcasts, comics have become digital and novels can be read on electronic devices. Electricity makes this progress possible. Even increased printing has made older books more durable and accessible, and improvements to audio devices have helped make music easier to record and record. EIA.gov said that nearly 6% of the TV's power supply and its case, and more than 2%, powered the computer. I spent days reading "Pilgrim's Progress" in the dim light of the candles.

6. Education and Health Care

Electricity has made learning more efficient than before. The advantage of the printing means that the teacher can give each student the same high-quality textbook. In addition, electronic devices such as projectors, televisions, and computers display information more clearly. Until a few decades ago, a boring and illegible whiteboard was the norm. Also, electronic hearing aids help students with hearing problems absorb lectures, and cloud storage has made organizing and transferring tasks easier. The main advantage of internet integration in class is that students can now listen to lectures and do assignments on shared platforms such as Khan Academy; this makes monitoring progress of students more reliable and adjusting lessons with student strength more easily.

The health care sector has seen comparable profits over the past hundred years. Think about how many medical machines depend on electricity: medical monitors, LASIK machines, ventilators, incubators, anesthesia machines, ultrasound machines, ECG machines, X-ray machines, defibrillators, heart-lung machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, machines for analyze body fluids, and many others. Most hospitals now keep patient electronic records to make documentation more durable and consistent. In the past, errors in documentation could have been unwittingly throughout the patient's life, but now medical software marks potential contradictions or inaccuracies. Even conflicts between drugs can cause danger signs, and some people estimate that one day the medical machine will make the most of their own medical decisions.

What else?

These are just a few very large ways - that electricity has helped us. The amazing thing is - this list is very incomplete! Electricity benefits us in ways that we cannot even calculate. Pretty impressive!

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