OUM ushers in a new era of online degree malaysia universities

OUM ushers in a new era of online education in Malaysia

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One of the by-products of the Covid-19 pandemic is the rise of distance learning across academic institutions. While the idea of ​​fully online higher education initially served as a precautionary measure to continue education post-virus, it is gradually gaining traction as people continue to do most of their day-to-day affairs digitally.

Open learning and distance learning are becoming increasingly attractive to students and professionals

Open University Malaysia, a university that pioneered online learning in 2000, well before Covid-19, believes that open and distance learning plays a key role in realizing the motto "University for All".

Its President and Vice-Chancellor Ahmad Izanee Awang said: “At OUM, we believe that by making education accessible to a wider audience and improving their career prospects, more people will have the opportunity to achieve their academic goals and advance in life.

Backed by ODL's 22-year experience as a private university established by Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd, a consortium of Malaysia's top 11 public universities, OUM now embarks on the mission of reaching an international audience and virtual learning to enrich on a global level.

Offer online learning across borders

The flexibility of the ODL program adapts well to the workforce, who now have the opportunity to hone their skills while adjusting their work and family commitments.

"OUM now embarks on a mission to reach international audiences and enrich virtual learning worldwide"

ODL becomes even more attractive when established universities like OUM offer synchronous and recorded online courses, online tutorials and carefully integrated interactive online forums to give students freedom of where and when they want to study.

"Students have everything they need to study conveniently anytime, anywhere," added Izanee.

“Each course is equipped with video lectures, electronic modules and other electronic content. An extensive digital library with more than 190,000 e-books, 55,000 magazine titles, approx. times is another advantage of quality education.

Recognized and respected qualifications

“Therefore, what we can offer through our teaching and learning approach serves as a solid foundation for OUM to gain global visibility and also to become the institution of choice among international students. That means ensuring programs are accessible on-demand while also being industry-focused and globally recognized,” explained Izanee.

OUM offers an impressive range of career-relevant programs accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, a statutory body regulated by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. In addition, its undergraduate accounting program is accredited by CPA Australia.

According to Izanee, OUM has years of experience partnering with international institutions to deliver its programs worldwide.

“Since 2006, OUM has partnered with more than 10 institutions around the world, which is a testament to the quality and recognition of our programs.

“Partner agencies handle the logistics of student enrollment and run programs in their respective countries, while we take the lead in designing and overseeing program quality and providing learning materials and technological support.”

The most valuable academic collaborations include the Institute of International Health Sciences (Sri Lanka), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam), Accra Institute of Technology (Ghana) and SIMAD University (Somalia).

OUM has also started offering a range of postgraduate elective courses to international students outside of partner institutions, resulting in a total of 14,000 international students enrolled in Zimbabwe, Yemen, Syria, France, the Kingdom of Great Britain and many other countries.

The above achievements, as well as new partnerships with several Asian and African institutions, will continue to benefit everyone who chooses to study at OUM.

"We will continue to work tirelessly to become a respected ODL provider not only in Malaysia but globally," concluded Izanee.

OUM ushers in a new era of online degrees in Malaysia universities This is a sponsored article by OUM. For information about the OUM program, contact the Speedline at 03-7801 2000, email enquiries@oum.edu.my, or visit www.oum.edu.my.

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